Monday, May 24, 2010

Never forget yesterday, but always live for today...
Cuz you never know what tomorrow can bring.
Or what it can take away...

Sunday, November 09, 2008

My love, I am sorry to hurt you......

I am sorry to hurt your feelings my love

I should have kept my promises as I have told you

But I don't know the reason why I did wrong to you

I felt sad when I show your tears rolling on your cheeks

I know you are very upset over me

and don't want to talk to me either

If you feel that I had hurt you by unpleasant words

then please forgive me and accept my sorry

Do not stop talking to me my love

If you do so, my heart will burst into thousand pieces

You know how much I am in love with you

and without you my loneliness will take me to hell

Always, there is a special place in my heart for you

where my love for you is so passionate and true

No one can melt my heart like you do nor clutch my soul to give me new life like you

My love, please talk to me again and I promise your love in my life will be pleasant until my end...

When I'm with you,

eternity is a step away,

my love continues to grow,

with each passing day.

This treasure of love,

I cherish within my soul,

how much I love you...

you'll never really know.

You bring a joy to my heart,

I've never felt before,

with each touch of your hand,

I love you more and more.

Whenever we say goodbye,

whenever we part,

know I hold you dearly,

deep inside my heart.

So these seven words,

I pray you hold true,

"Forever And Always,

I Will Love You."


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

How can I tell you what I feel for you?
When I think of you my feelings twist inside
As if someone's fist reached in and grabbed a few,
And turned and turned them tight and tangled. I've tried
Somehow to say: You're the sun in my sky,
The wind that takes me where I want to go,
The sweet incense that makes me feel so high
That loving you seems all I need to know.
But it all sticks in my throat! It sounds too cute,
Empty as a wrinkled paper bag.
You won't believe it! Better I stay mute
Than offer you cliches that make you gag.
And yet I wish to tell you of my love,
If only love its own locks would remove!

Loving you is something that comes easy,
Like walking in the sunshine to a song,
Like being in a place where you belong,
Like finding reasons when you know you're ready.
Nor do I care that working days are dreary,
The pay's a pittance and the hours are long.
Knowing that you love me keeps me strong,
The light within that lets me see life clearly.
Why is love the music of our meaning,
The lilt that makes our labor worth our living,
The loveliness no platitude can bear?
In you I have a harvest past all gleaning,
A gift arrested in the act of giving,
A moment of delight that's always there....
Love U drey...

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mi Little Sunshine...

Mi Little Sunshine lighting up mi life thru thick n thin, gud n bad...
We struggle 2gether n see thru all d trials n probs...2gether
We cry, we smile, we laugh n we fight...
But we always find our way back 2gether...

Mi everyday wud be so dull without da rays of ur love...
Da warmth of ur caring...
Ur smile shining thru d clouds...

Coz da day we met, da moment we engaged...

We were united 4 life n beyond...
One heart, One life, One soul, One destiny...

Luv ya no matter wat...


Friday, August 29, 2008

Blue Spirit...

One more day...Another one...Again...Da Blue Mood...Da Blue Spirit...

Back n Lingering...Overwhelming...

Dis awkward feeling still der...everyday...

Dis pain...Dis sadness...


Breaking da last bit of ma Soul...

Blue Spirit invading ma nites...

Death...more n more...

He's der 2 send me a msg...

But in ma sleep ma eyes r closed Dad n i can't read ya msg...

If it's bad things U r showing...if it's suffering awaiting us once more...

I'm longing dat seeing U is not a bad omen...

Saying 2 myself dat I'm stronger dan dat...dan ur signs...

But it lingers in ma ma mouth like a bad taste...

N every bad move she does... Every blaming...

Cuts like a knife...Leaving me numb...

Nearing ma own fall...wid each step we go backward...

Ma only hope now drowning me more in da Blue Spirit...

Pulling me further down ...below True Life...

Wondering if fighting back wud save me...or Letting Go...wud end all da bad...

Once n For All...


Monday, August 18, 2008

Missing You

Have you ever bothered to realize
how much you mean to me?
I care so much for you inside
and miss you so deeply..
My mind is always curious about
the way things might have been..
As days go by and time goes by,I look back once again..
All the time I held you in my arms,I had the whole world right there..
There you were, comforting me with
all of your charms..
Every little kiss from you
was like a dream come true.
This love that I have inside my heart,it all belonged to you!
It's funny, all those little things
I never thought I'd miss,Like all those conversations we had,or the first time we kissed..
I guess that what I'm trying to say,is I miss and love you more each day!
It hurts me not to see you,or not to know if you're ok..
I want you to understand
that I loved you from the start..
And I want you to know,no matter how many miles
we may be apart,you'll always hold a special place
in my heart...I Love U Drey..


Thursday, August 14, 2008


Once you held me close to you…

And whispered in my ear…

But it was not in my ear that you whispered but in my soul…

Once you looked in my eyes…

And took my hand…

But it was not my hand you took but my heart…

Once I sent these lines to you…

But it was not words that I wrote…

But your name engraved in my heart…

And underneath… I LOVE YOU!!



You've given me a reason..
For smiling once again..
You've filled my life with peaceful dreams..
and you've become my closest friend..
You've shared your heart..felt secrets..
And your trust you've given me..
You showed me how to feel again..
To laugh and love and see..
If life should end tomorrow..
And from this world I should part..
I shall be forever young..
For you have touched my heart...

A sweet voice with a tender kiss..
When I think of this..
it's you I miss..
I need you close..
I want you near..
I want your love to be right here..
Here with me,to have and caress..
Here with me..
I'll always be blessed..
Our love is like a shining star..
Held so close..
but yet, so far..
I need you now, more than you know...

I love you so deeply..
I love you so much..
I love the sound of your voice..
And the way that we touch..
I love your warm smile..
And your kind, thoughtful way..
The joy that you bring..
To my life every day...
I love you today..
As I have from the start..
And I'll love you forever..
With all of my heart...


Withou You I Am Nothing...

Every second I spend away from you..
I miss you more and more..
You are my life, the fire to my soul..
Without you I am nothing.
You seem too good to be true..
The way you are always there when I need someone to talk to..
How you always know what to say to make me smile..
And the way you hold me so
I always feel safe.
Your touch is so gentle and yet so strong..
That when you put your arms around me all my troubles disappear..
I never thought I would have you..
never thought I deserved you..
But now I have you..
I never want to let you go.
I know I can annoy you at times and I can be a winger..
But I love you and you mean everything to me..
I never want to lose you..
Because without you I am nothing....

When it is dark..
And i am all alone..
I often look at your picture that is on my phone..
And think about how you mean so much to me..
Asleep in your bed my sleeping beauty..
Waiting there for loves true kiss..
I love all the little things that you do..
And how you can always make me smile when I'm with you..
So when I look into those gorgeous eyes..
And tell you that I'm the luckiest of girls..
Please know that what I tell you is true..
And that i really truly love YOU..
For you are my guide..
You are my light..
And no matter how dark it is..
Or how alone I feel..
You make my heart shine..
I love you!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mon amour

Mon amour, mon coeur, ma princesse, mon âme soeur...
Je pense à toi tous les jours..
toutes les nuits, tu es dans toutes mes pensées.
Il y a quelque chose en toi qui me rend heureuse..
ton sourire m'envahit de bonheur.
Belle comme le coucher du soleil..
tu es ma petite fée.
Je veux t'offrir ma chaleur pour te réchauffer du froid..
t'embrasser pour ne pas que tu aies peur..
pour ne jamais que tu pleures.
Et tout ça, pour être à toi.
Ton sourire est tellement agréable..
ton corps si tendre à caresser..
ton odeur si douce à sentir..
ton regard si intense.
Je me ferais tout belle,tout neuf pour que tu me regardes toujours
avec cette lueur qu'il y a en toi.
Je t'aime, je t'aime, je t'aime.
J'aime te regarder..t'admirer..
me balader avec toi pour oublier tout..tout à part toi.
J'aime sentir ton odeur..te faire tout plein de bisous dans le cou et t'embrasser en posant mes lèvres sur les tiennes avec tant de tendresse.
J'aime te sentir à mes cotés lorsque je dors..lorsque je rêve.
Et te voir apparaître quand je me réveille.
Tu me plais mon t'aime tellement.
Profitons de tous les moments que nous pouvons passer ensemble
car la vie avance à pas de géant.
Je ne serais jamais méchante..jamais infidèle..pour que tu sois belle.
Je t'aime, je t'aime, je t'aime Audrey...Pour toujours..


Distance je te hais !!!

Sa fait 7 mois qu'on se connait,Bientôt 7 mois que l'on s'aime comme jamais..
Comment sait-on connus?Sur internet, sur un jeu...
Mais c'est fou comme on s'aime tout les deux..
Lorsqu'on c parler, c'etait que par micro ou par messages
Je tavais vu en photo mais je ne pouvais toucher ton visage
Je ne pouvais t'exprimer mes pensées
Que par l'intermédiaire d'un clavier
Tu es la femme que je rêve d'avoir
Si seulement un jour je pouvais vivre avec toi..
Parfois j'ai très peur de te perdre
Mais tu ne t'effaceras jamais de ma memoire
Cette distance consume mon coeur,Mais il t'aime tellement qu'il supporte cette atroce douleur
J'aimerais que tu me prennes dans tes bras, Que tu sois près de moi..Mais c'est là que les Kilometres nous séparent,Me reviennent en memoire
Alors je replonge dans mon desespoir,De ne pas pouvoir te voir et etre avec toi...


Sunday, August 10, 2008



Sorry If I treated u Bad or if i Ever Made u sad... I didn’t mean to make u Mad you’re The Best Thing I Ever Had! I Don’t Know What to do... I’m so In Love with You... I hurt u yes it’s true!
Don’t let love go let love stay I want us to be together till we old n gray I want u in my life, not as a memory! Don’t quit I’m hurt To deep me no sleep listening the same old beat... Look into my eyes...u’ll see...What u mean to into yr heart... when u’ll find me there u’ll search no more.. I know its true...everything I do...I do it for u... "Every minute I spend with you is like being in heaven and looking in an angel's eyes." "I love you more than any word can say ... I love you more than every action I take ... I'll be right here loving you till the end." "Tears in my eyes, you on my mind, love in my heart, oceans in-between ... I love you." "I love you without reason and that is reason enough." "If you're asking if I need you, the answer is forever. If you're asking if I will leave you, the answer is never. If you're asking what I value, the answer is you. If you asking if I love you, the answer is I DO." "Going back with you may be hard, but going forward without you is impossible. I love you." "If I had to choose between breathing and loving you, I would use my last breath to say, 'I love you.'" "I love you until the day after forever." "I love you not only for who you are, but for what you are making of me."

Amour de ma vie..
Com 2day sa fai 7mois kon c connu je voulai te dire ke tu as apporter bcoup de joie et bonheur dans ma vie..G paC les plus bon moment a t malgret nos differences et carractere je tien a toi...Je c ke g fai 1erreure et tu nas plus confiance mais sache ke je nai pas fai tou sa par Xpré ou pour te faire du mal..Je t blessé et fai de la peine je C et je laccepte mais C t pas dans mes intention..T vraiment la seule pers ki compte le plus pour moi et rien est important dans ma vie plus ke toi tu les..Je mXcuse encore une fois pour tou malgret ke je C ke sa ne change pa a grand chose mais je garde tjr espoir et je tattendrai tou le temps kil le faudra parceke c avec toi ke je veu paC le reste de ma vie et avc pers dautre..Je T'aime Audrey et je t'aimerai tjr koi kil arrive..


Friday, August 08, 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008

Mes Deux Zamours...

Mes deux zamours!! Ma ptite fam ke jm bokou bokou et ma ptite voiture, hmm nan 1 pe grosse kan mem ke jm ossi. Bon c vrai ke je l'ai bouziller 2 fois mais j'en prends soin ossi, tou nou banne sous fini ar li mem, pa vrai fanie??!! hihi.

Foto prise par moi lors du dernier jour de notre fabuleux w.end a flic en flac. Hey check poz ene coup, pena ene invitation cacher la dans!!:P.Sa me mank grav c moments la mais Mon Bb me mank enkor plus chak jour ki passe!!!

JE T'AIME Ma Mimi!!!!


Monday, July 21, 2008

Memorable Moments...

Hehe Bb, foto kotte mo p dormi la ene bater rendE sa? korek pa grav mo pou re-gagne toi ene zour!!lol

Below r a few snaps of our beautiful w.end in Flic en Flac. Aurel n Kel were also der n were so nice n friendly!! Luv ya Gals...

Bon fanie debrouiller ar laitue la mo p faim moi, hihi!!Tm fort mon coeur, merci
, merci et merci enkor pr c moments fabuleux kon a paC ensemble et chak jour 2 ma vie ke tu illumines 2 ta presence!!

Da Gals...


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lovely W.end

Check L'amour de ma vie p relax...Trop mignone...

Tout a commencé quand nos regards se sont croisés,
Tu a renversé mon coeur,
tu l'a fait chaviré.Un vent d'amour m'a fait perdre la tête
Notre histoire est née pour ne pas qu'elle s'arrête.
Notre amour grandit de jour en jour
Je te laisse entrer et ferme mon coeur à double tour.
Tout deviens beau et merveilleux
Quand je vais me noyer au large de tes yeux.
Des sentiments encore ignorés se sont crées
Il faut les conserver et ne jamais les briser.
Dans tes bras je pars m'envoler
Dans un monde doux et sucré.
La flamme de mes yeux s'est allumée
Le soir ou nos lèvres se sont touchées.
Aujourd'hui le destin nous appartient
A nous seul de savoir prendre le même chemin.
Mon amour pour toi est le plus grand
Je n'ai aucun doute sur mes sentiments.
Je t'aime plus ke tou Audrey...


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Da darkness of unhappiness invades da colours of ma heart...

So many words unspoken but so much sadness is felt...
Only outta attitude, everyday hurting...
N den u wonder wat's da use of trying?
Wat's da use of giving?
Wat's da use of feeling, wat's da use of hoping?

U wish 4 da better...
Pray 4 peace, 4 love 2 grow n unity 2 come back...
Mere illusions dat nourish in dis broken heart...

U search 4 a smile 2 dry ur tears...
Long 4 a hug 2 calm down ur pain...
Stretch 4 a shoulder 2 comfort ur fears...

But den u wonder...Wen was da link broken?
Y was da door of da heart closed?
How wud u eva get in again?...

In da distance a few words of a song linger on ur mind..
" U r born alone n U die alone"
Awkwardly living is dying...
Death of emotions, of sensitivity, of faith...
Fading into indifference...

Da guy is dead n buried n u can't help urself 2 believe dat he's better off dan U...

Friday, July 11, 2008


Dunno y i felt like posting dis despite all dat happened.
May bcoz i still have on mi mind wat i learned 2day bout u
I guess i'm not completely indifferent 2 u or anything happening in your life...

I thought d pain n disappointment wud slowly disappear wid time
But it seems not...
Coz i'm still so affected by ur attitude...

Once upon a time we were colleagues, friends, sisters, ONE...dat's all dis picture seems 2 say...Once upon a time...


Monday, July 07, 2008

Ma vie c'est TOI...

Jmerai tant pouvoir trouver les mots justes pr dire ce ke tu represente pr moi....
Xprimer le plus fidelement possib tou ce ke m'evoke chakune de t attentions a mon egard..
Voila JE T'AIME!!! C 1 fait indiscutable ke pers ne saurait changer...
Ce ke je swi 2day et ce ke g pu accomplir ne serait pa imaginable san Toi...
Tu m'as rendu la vie, la joie de vivre, l'envie d'esperer et le desir de voir mon lendemain...
'Moi' n'est rien san 'Nous'...

Ces dernieres semaines tu as ete d'une patience et d'une comprehension xtraodinaire
Me supportant pendant ttes les epreuves et mes legendaires criz de nerfs
T ma moitie, tu me completes kom jamais pers n'as su le fer....
Tu connais chakune de mes besoins, de mes envies avant mem ke je prononce 1 parole...
Mem le destin reste san voix devant 1 telle synergie entre 2 corps, 2 ames...

Je dirai tjr ke c'est Toi ki m'as trouvE, c Toi ki m'as choisi
Parceke moi gt perdue entre le desespoir et le mal etre profond
Un degout de la vie ancrE en moi
Mais c ton sourire ki m'as montrE la vie
Et le bonheur ke l'Amour pe fer naitre en nous

Merci, merci enkor pr tou...
Merci pr ta presence dans ma vie, ton amour, ton affection
Et la tendresse avec lakel tu m'as fais renaitre
Merci pr la joie ki m'accompagne chak jour
A la seule pensee de Toi et Moi
Merci pr la chaleur ki envahit mon etre o son de ta voix
Pr la lumiere ki illumine mon visage a chacun 2 t regards...

Steph...T ma ptite fam, mon Bb cherie, la seule et l'unique Amour 2 ma vie!!!
Je T'aime!!!


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fanie p Dodo, hehe!!!

Check Mo la moitié p fer gro dodo dan Nu Voiture!!Eutaa mo ti lamour ti K.O après 1 jrnée a fer lé dmarches dan p.louis!!!

Merci mimi pr 2day é pr tou ce ke tu fé dan ma vie et Mr JP éT tro nice é helpful ossi... Vous adore é vous aime 4444!!!!

T cro mimi kan tu dors Ma mimi...Muuuuuuuaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, June 23, 2008

Seigneur, fais de moi un instrument de ta paix
Là où est la haine, que je mette l'amour
Là où est l'offense, que je mette le pardon
Là où est la discorde, que je mette l'union
Là où est l'erreur, que je mette la vérité
Là où est le doute, que je mette la foi
Là où est le désespoir, que je mette l'espérance
Là où est les ténèbres, que je mette la lumière
Là où est la tristesse, que je mette la joie.

Ô Seigneur, que je ne cherche pas tant
À être consolé qu'à consoler
À être compris qu'à comprendre
À être aimé qu'à aimer.
Car c'est en donnant que l'on reçoit
C'est en oubliant que l'on se retrouve
C'est en pardonnant que l'on obtient le pardon
Et c'est en mourant que l'on ressuscite à la Vie.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Over And Over Again...

Tami Chynn-Over And Over Again

Ever really thought that I would get to this today

I really didn’t know if I should say what I should say

But I got this feelin that you feeling

All the things I wanna show I put it in the song to let you know.

Verse 1

I think I like you

And if you got some time to spare

I was thinking we could fall in love

I want to let you in

Are you willing to catch my fall

If I happen to just fall for you

My love for you grows stronger everyday

So much deeper, so crazy

In the ways I can't explain

I've been waiting for the day to call you mine

I was thinking we could fall in love.


Do what you want, as long as you with me

Say what you want

As long as I hear you calling my name,

Over and over again

Take what you want, as long as you take me

Love me for real

I promise you'll hear me calling ur name

Over and over again..

Verse 2

I'm just searching, searchin for the truth

All I know is, my heart belongs to you

I'm not in this, just for the honeymoon

But all the way


Verse 3 :

I know I'm falling

And I just might never get up

So I, guess I will be here to stay

Y ou're breaking my walls and you're taking my heart

There's nothing I can do but fall apart for you,

And baby, that's cool

Refrain:1 X

Over and over and over and over again....


Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'd like to speak just how I feel.

I'd say it in front of you...

but my words just ran away

If you could understand

how much I care, I think I'd be ok

I haven't felt quite like this,

this feeling for so long.

How in my life, I must have missed,

what feels right, not even closed to being wrong

If you understand what you bring in me,

so much I feel alive.

All doubt diminishes from my face,

your love, I need in my place.

I'm not trying to flatter you;

I have no cause to play any kind of game.

My feelings are true and from the heart,

if we don't ever make it, I hold myself to blame....

For my mind and heart is open to you,

Drey my darling, my dear,

I love you very much....

I'll always want you near...


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Friday, May 30, 2008

Me & Mi Love...

Rainbow Love showers on Us....

A Shining star illuminates our Love...


Friday, May 23, 2008

My dear Love...

I give you my heart, mind, body, and soul
I give you my love, for you to make me whole
I give you this promise, the promise to try
I give you each breath and the tears i cry
I give you my past, my future and NOW
I give you my thoughts and my hopes in this world
I give you forever by accepting this ring
I give you my world all the pain and strike
I give you my hand and learn to share life
I give you this kiss and there words i say
"I'll cherish you always as of this day"
I give you my faith that these words are true from now until the end i promise 2 you

All my life I’ve waited
Floating, dreaming, wishing
For the day when you would come my way
That day has come
My heart flutters at the sound of your voice
My hands shake as I reach to touch your face
In heaven there can only be a better place
Soaring through the clouds
The wind beating at my skin
Breathing heavy, feeling numb
You’re all I need, my number one

Nothing can describe, the way I feel for you
Your love is warm and precious
Your heart so pure and true
Heavens angels brought me
To knock upon your door
To give you all my love
To keep you wanting more
The special bond we share, will guide us on our way
To a perfect life were dreams come true
What more can I really say
We were brought together, never will we part
You’re my special gift
You’re my shining star
I'll love you unconditionally
With all my heart and soul
I'll never break your spirit
I'll always keep you whole

Those simple words I know so well.
I wish for you to know.
That just liking someone is so different.
So I will say it real slow.

Those are the words of a million feelings.
My hopes and dreams and joys.


Those are the words that I say to you.
I whisper them to your heart.
I loved you from the start.


Monday, May 19, 2008

When I close my eyes...
I can see your face..
My heart calls out, wanting you with me in this special place..
I can feel your arms holding me tight..
I long to snuggle close and feel all my fears take flight..
I can see your smile..
Reminding me to be patient for just a little while..
I can feel your gentle touch..
Shivers run over my skin, I miss you so much..
I can see the love in your eyes for me..
Shining brightly where all who care to look can see..
I can feel your presence surrounding me..holding me..loving me..
And I know deep in my heart our love was meant to be...
I love you...


Friday, May 16, 2008

I love your eyes.

Every time I look into them,

I am lost.

I fall deeper and deeper into the spell they cast upon me.

I can't help but look.

I love your smile.

Every time you smile at me,

I feel the warmth of the sun shinning down on me.

It warms me more than cuddling in front of a brand new fire.

I can't help but smile back.

I love your kisses.

Every time your lips touch mine,

I feel an endless stream of passion.

It sends me on a journey, a journey in which I do no mind taking.

I can't help but kiss you.

I love your touch.

Every time your skin touches mine,

I feel the most enlivening feeling I have ever felt.

It is the feeling of a pounding heart and a shivering soul.

I can't help but touch you.

I love everything about you.......

I sit alone thinking to myself about you and your love.
How wonderful it is to have you in my life.
You complete me in a way I have never known.
You have me now mind, body and soul.
Your heart is mine, could it be true.
You'll love me forever is what you say.
I thank the lord each and everyday.
I will never hurt you.
I will never stray.
I can not live without you
I will always stay.
You are my love.
You are my strength.
With you in my life
I will always give thanks...

Sadly missed...

I really miss those times wen we were ONE n HAPPY!!!


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

In Lite n Darkness...

Dreams...strange n bad invade mi sleep...
So many situations imagined...
Mi mind terrified...

A body restless...
Painful memories...dat linger
Death personified...

Dead n Alive loved ones...

Mingled in one nite...

To express mi deepest fears...a bad omen...

Waking up 2 da day...tortured...


As only remains...

Eyes opened...2 da world...
But blind 2 see...
Wat dreams wanna show...

Whole outside...broken inside...
Living up wid da only hope
Of a soul finally at peace...

The first time we met,
I knew I had a friend.
The thing I did not know
is that I would want to
love you until the very end.
Your precious love has
turned my life completely around,
I feel like I'm walking,
but my feet don't seem to
touch the ground.
Sometimes you seem to be
my shinning light
guiding me through the long, dark night.
As I lie alone in bed
thinking of you and I
I wonder if you think of me too
as one more night slowly drags by.
I wish I were there with you,
kissing your sweet lips
under the pale moon light,
and holding you, so very tight.
You really are the one of my dreams
and I can't wait to be with you,
for the rest of my life.
I know our time away
seems like an eternity,
but I'll wait forever to be in your life.
I love you,
I need you,
I want you,
and I will for all my life.



Because you are my love,
I know the joy that comes from
feeling closer to someone
than I've ever felt before.
Because you are my love,
I know the passion of wanting
to share everything I have,
everything I am with you and only you.
Because you are my friend,
I know that I can count on you
to hold my hand through the rough times
and to be there
to share the good times, too.
Because you are my friend,
I'll always have someone
to make me smile;
just when I need it most,
to encourage me when I'm
feeling confused or doubtful.
And I know that I must be
one of the luckiest people
in the world to have someone like you-
the perfect love,
the perfect friend…


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sealed 4eva...

Today is a great day!!Dunno wer 2 start!!:D Mi heart is so filled wid love n joy!! Mi baby love n I got engaged 2day!!3 months already since lite n love came back into mi life!!3 months since She changed mi existence!!3 months since I'm alive!!

She gave me her heart...n my heart dared another beat!!

Had a wonderful day wid U n Mr Jean-Pierre who is such a gud friend n understands us so well!!

I just dunno wat 2 say coz i feel so overwhelmed wid I'll just say dis:


Here's mi lovely ring...